Patented Pain Free Lancing

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We have partnered with an engineer that has developed and patented a Pain Free Glucose Monitoring Lancing Device that Saves You Time, Gives Your Clients Peace about checking their pets blood sugar without pain, and is also a NewRevenue Source for your practice.

Video on How It Works ...

  • Vets Know About Canine - Feline Diabetes

    Diabetes is a serious concern, but not just for humans. Some
    dogs and cats battle the same inability to produce insulin and/or regulate
    blood glucose levels. In fact, according to Vetsource.Com, 1 out of
    every 300 dogs has diabetes and 1 out of every 230 cats is plagued with
    diabetes as well.

  • Income Opportunity For Your Practice

    Obtain Units at Wholesale Prices and or

    Refer Customers at Discounted Prices and Make 10%

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